Chris and I have been blessed with not just one grandchild but two within the space of two days. On the 27th June Nadine and Kim were delivered of a new baby boy, Felix Arthur Frederick Lang, and on the 28th Hannah and Trent gave birth to a new baby girl, Giselle Sophia Gardiner. Here’s a little gallery of photos of the new babies.

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  1. Hi Steven I’ve heard a bit about you over the years, read your book. You might remember me as Debbie Mcilroy. I’ve been deb Foskey – maiden name – for a few years now and it’s a bit like having a second life. Mcilroy was pre internet, Foskey has an internet trail. I am back at Cabanandra these days.

    Interested in your writers events – I organised a Writing East Gippsland event at Bairnsdale library last week and writers came from everywhere. Glad to say it will be ongoing as a network with events and perhaps groups. But love to know more about how yours work.

    Sounds like you are thriving from the little I read on your blog. Hope this is so.

    All the best


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